Edinburgh 2019

»Slainte«, that‘s what a Scot would say to our successful week in Edinburgh and probably clink with a wee dram, which is a glass of whiskey. We, the majority of the classes 7b, 7d and 7e, were very lucky with the weather, which was, besides scattered showers, pretty sunny everyday. It turned out that our teachers Mrs. Player, Mr. Dirr and Mr. Nicoletti had good luck too with the enthusiastic punctual and Edinburgh-loving students that volunteered to go on this trip with them (might sound sarcastic but it isn‘t). We got to know the variety of Scotland‘s landscape, which includes the city of Edinburgh, the fascinating highlands and the beautiful Portobello Beach.

Of course seeing teachers everyday, even on the weekend, can be challenging but we had our sparetime experiencing the city ourselves and to be fair, we were very lucky with our teachers too. Outside of Edinburgh we visited the Kelpies, Doune Castle, Loch Katrine and not to forget the sweet »coos&iaquo;. How could we be unsatisfied with an exciting journey like this, where we not only got to know Edinburgh, Scottish culture and improve our English but also got to know our teachers and classmates better.

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